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Crowdsource Reporter

The Crowdsource Reporter gallery application template presents one or more maps to your users through which they can report problems or submit observations. The app can also be configured to support voting for and commenting on reports submitted by others.

Application users can anonymously submit reports, review existing reports, track the status of reports they submit, and comment or vote on reports submitted by others. The application can use social media or Portal for ArcGIS credentials to authenticate users.

You can create a Crowdsource Reporter app by creating a group and creating an app using this template, or clicking Create > App > From Template on the My Content page.


You can configure the app using any of the following options:

  • Group: Choose the group that contains the maps and other items you want to populate the application.
  • Splash page settings: Specify a title and subtitle and image for the application's splash screen. Also specify which, if any, social media platforms the app will use for authentication.
  • App settings: You can customize settings such as theme color, a custom application icon, and app messaging.
  • Content settings: You can customize which fields store the number of votes for reports, the name of the reporter, and comments. Also choose which maps to include in the gallery application.
  • Search: By default, the application searches using the locators configured for the portal; however, you can also enable latitude and longitude, USNG, and MGRS searches.


The Crowdsource Reporter app requires a group that contains at least one map with at least one feature layer that has add, update, and delete editing capabilities enabled. In addition, the following requirements must be met to expose full app functionality:

  • To enable votes, a feature layer in the map must have a numeric field for storing the number of votes on each feature.
  • To collect comments, a feature layer in the map must have a related table.
  • To allow authenticated users of the app to track reports they have submitted, the layer must have a text field for storing a GUID associated with their account.
  • To allow users of the app to submit supporting documents with the reports, a layer in the map must support attachments.

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