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The Directions app template allows you to deploy an application to provide turn-by-turn directions to features or a specific destination within a layer in the web map.


You can configure the app using any of the following options:

  • Map: Choose which web map to use in your application.
  • Title: Specify the application title. The default title is the web map name.
  • Prompt for address search: Enable hint text for the address search box.
  • Color scheme: Choose a color scheme for the application.
  • Display basemap in grayscale: Choose this option to render the basemap layer in grayscale.
  • Destination layer: Select a feature layer from the web map that contains features to serve as destinations. The app will navigate to these features from an address or current location of the app user.
  • Route utility item: To allow users not signed in to your portal to get directions, provide the URL to a route item that has credentials saved with it.
  • Optional destination settings: You can configure the application to navigate to one specific location instead of using a destination layer. You might do this if the purpose of your app is to always route people to one location, such as your store or headquarters.


Your portal must be configured to provide directions.

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