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Filter edits

Some feature layers track who created and last updated features. If a feature layer has this tracking enabled, you see the editing history when you click a feature on the map. The history appears as part of the attribute information in the pop-up.

You can also filter which edits you see on the map. For example, you might choose to only see the edits made by a specific user.

Tracking who created and last updated features is set up by the layer author. Tracking is available on feature services from ArcGIS Server 10.1 or later releases. You can only filter edits on layers that have tracking enabled and have fewer than 30,000 features.

  1. Open the map with the feature layer in the map viewer.
  2. Click the Details button.
  3. Click the Contents button.
  4. Browse to the feature layer where you want to filter the edits.
  5. Click Filter Edits.
  6. Choose how to filter edits. The map now only shows the feature edits for the filter you set up. For example, you might only see features added in the last hour.
  7. Click Show All Edits to undo the filter and see all the features on the map.

The edit filters do not get saved with the map. If you close the map and reopen it again, you need to reset the filter.