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The Finder app template enables searching and querying attributes in feature layers.


You can configure the app using any of the following options:

  • Map: Choose which web map to use in your application.
  • Title: Specify the application title. The default title is the web map name.
  • Icon URL: Specify a URL for a logo you want displayed in the application.
  • Find layers and fields: Specify a comma-separated list of the layers and fields that can be searched in the application.
  • Result display fields: Specify a comma-separated list of the fields whose values you want displayed in search results.
  • Basemap group: Specify the group containing basemaps available for selection from the basemap widget. The basemap gallery of the organization is used by default.
  • Application help: Provide text to be displayed when the application help button is clicked.


The web map must contain at least one feature layer.

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