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When you create a GeoPlanner project you become the project owner. Project owners can invite other users within their organization to collaborate on a project. Once the other users accept the invitation, they become part of the project team and can open the project, access project scenarios, and create new scenarios. Project owners and team members have access to all the scenarios associated with a project. For example, if a project owner creates three scenarios for the project, all other team members will be able to open and use those three scenarios. If a team member creates a scenario for a project, the project owner and other team members can open and use that scenario. Project owners can also export a dashboard to the project. Other team members can import that dashboard.

When a project is opened by another team member who is not the project owner, a user web map is automatically created and stored in the user's My Content page on ArcGIS Online or your portal. By default, this web map will contain all scenario layers; operational layers included in the project template web map; and a dashboard, if one has been shared with the project. Other data added or created by the project owner, which may include data added from ArcGIS Online, your portal, analysis layers, and evaluation layers, will not be included in the web map for a different user. However, the user can use the add data function to discover these layers and manually add them to their own project web map.

The project owner can invite another user to or remove an existing team member from a project. Once the invitation has been accepted, the user will be able to open the project, create scenarios in the project, and access other data and dashboards shared with project team members.

Invite users

This functionality allows you to invite another user to the group that organizes your GeoPlanner project.

  1. Click the Open Menu button in the upper left corner of the application and click Invite User.

    The Project Team: Invite Users page appears. By default, the My Organization tab is active, showing all users within your organization.

    Project Team: Invite Users dialog box
  2. Scroll down to find the name of the user you want to invite and click the Invite button next to it.

    An invitation is sent to this user. The user must log in to the organization and accept the invitation to join the group from the group page in ArcGIS Online or your portal. Once they join, they will be able to open this project.

  3. Note:

    You can also invite users from other ArcGIS Online organizations. Click All instead of My Organization on the Project Team: Invite Users page. If you will invite users from another organization to collaborate on a project, and you have shared a dashboard with that project, make sure that all data referenced by the dashboard has been shared with the project group.

Delete project team members

To remove a user from a GeoPlanner project, remove the user from the ArcGIS Online or portal group. However, only an organization administrator can delete a member from a project, as deleting a user requires deleting all content the user has created for a project. If a project owner is not the organizational administrator, he or she will not be able to delete a project user.