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Time Aware

The Time Aware app template allows you to display time-enabled layers in a web map using a time slider, allowing you to visualize changes in data over time.

You can use this configurable app template to build a stand-alone app or embed it within a story map journal or story map series web mapping application.


You can configure the app using any of the following options:

  • Map: Choose which web map to use in your application.
  • Theme: Choose a color scheme, text, and time slider.
  • Title: Specify the application title. The default title is the web map name.
  • Logo: You can choose a custom logo and URL for your application.
  • About: Display a description of the app.
  • Search: Enable search in the app for addresses, locations, and attributes within layers.
  • Tools: You can choose to include a legend, zoom controls, or a scalebar in the app.
  • Share: Allow users to share the app with others via social media, email, or by embedding HTML in a blog or website.
  • Date and time configurations: Choose formatting for date and time data; optionally, display data for the previous 24 hours.


The web map must contain time-enabled data for the time slider to work.

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