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Environment widget

The Environment widget enables you to change how sunlight and shadows affect your scene during different hours and months.

Configuring the Environment widget

The Environment widget can be set to open automatically when apps start. To do so, click the dot on the widget to turn it dark green.

There is no configuration for the Environment widget.

Using the Environment widget

  1. Drag the Sunlight slider left and right to adjust the sunlight affecting your scenes at different times of the day. The box below the slider lists the hour and minute of the sun and changes as you move the slider.
  2. To change time zones, choose one from the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) drop-down list.
  3. The month box reflects the sun's position at different times of the year.
  4. Check Direct Shadow and Diffuse Shadows to illustrate shadows in your scene. You can change their effect by adjusting the sun slider, time zone, and month.