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Ports used by Portal for ArcGIS

Portal for ArcGIS uses certain ports to communicate. Below is a description of the ports that you may need to allow on your firewall.

HTTP port 7080

Portal for ArcGIS communicates through port 7080, and you must ensure that your firewall allows HTTP communication through this port. When configuring the Web Adaptor for use with your portal, you'll reference the HTTP URL, for example,

HTTPS port 7443

By default, Portal for ArcGIS uses the HTTPS port 7443 to encrypt communication that requires user credentials. When credentials are not required, HTTP is used. If you have configured your portal to use HTTPS for all communication, only HTTPS is used. For more information, see Configuring HTTPS.

Internally used ports

Ports 5701, 7005, 7099, 7654, 7120, and 7220 are used by Portal for ArcGIS for intermachine communications. You must ensure that your firewall allows local communication on these ports and they are not currently in use by another application.

When configuring a highly available portal, available ports between 5701 and 5703 are used to keep item, group, and user information in sync between portal machines.

Portal for ArcGIS may also require the use of ephemeral, sometimes called dynamic, ports for intermachine communications. The ephemeral ports are often a range (typically between 1024 and 5000 or between 49152 to 65535, though system administrators may customize this range). You must ensure that your firewall allows intermachine communication on these specific ports and the ephemeral port range.