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Set up an ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online collaboration


When setting up a collaboration that will include ArcGIS Enterprise participants and an ArcGIS Online organization, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • The ArcGIS Online organization must be the host of the collaboration.
  • An ArcGIS Enterprise deployment can only collaborate with one ArcGIS Online organization at a time.
  • ArcGIS Enterprise participants must be at version 10.5.1 or later.
  • When collaborating between ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online, all communication is initiated by the ArcGIS Enterprise portal. In order to allow this communication, network firewall rules must support outbound communication over port 443.
  • Content can be shared as references or as copies depending on the item type. For example the following items can be shared as copies:
    • Web maps
    • Configurable app templates
    • Web AppBuilder apps
    • Feature layers (see Share feature layer data as copies for details on the prerequisites for sharing feature layer data as copies.)

    The following items can be shared as references:

    • Feature layers
    • Web apps referenced by URL
    • ArcGIS Server service items

Creating a collaboration involves multiple administrators: one administrator for each of the participants. If you are the administrator of multiple ArcGIS Enterprise deployments or an ArcGIS Online organization, you may take on multiple responsibilities during the collaboration setup. If you are not the administrator of all the participants, you must work with the administrators of each of the other participants to complete the collaboration setup.

When creating a collaboration that includes an ArcGIS Online organization, that organization must always be the host of the collaboration. The host is the participant who manages the overall collaboration and the workspaces within the collaboration. The guests send content to the host and receive content from the host depending on the access modes of the workspaces in which they participate. See Key concepts for collaboration for an introduction to key concepts and terms such as access modes and workspaces.

Get started with collaboration

  1. Create the collaboration in the ArcGIS Online organization as outlined in Create a collaboration. This includes inviting the ArcGIS Enterprise guests to join the collaboration by sending the administrator of each guest an invitation file that was generated as part of creating the collaboration.
  2. Having received the invitations, the administrators of the various guests must accept the invitation by going through the workflow outlined in Join a collaboration. This involves accepting the invitation and sending back the generated response to the administrator of the host ArcGIS Online organization.
  3. The administrator of the ArcGIS Online host organization must accept the guest participant by taking the response received from the guest administrator and importing it using the workflow outlined in Create a collaboration.

Now the collaboration creation is complete and a trusted relationship has been formed between host and guest participants.

With the collaboration established and the desired workspaces defined, you can start sharing items between the participants as outlined in Share content to collaboration groups.