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Image Visit

Image Visit app

Use the Image Visit template to create an app that allows you to review the attributes of a predetermined sequence of locations in imagery. The app optimizes workflows by loading the next image while you are still viewing the current image, reducing the delay caused by waiting for the next image to load.

You can navigate through a predetermined sequence of locations using features from an editable hosted feature layer (referred to as a visit layer) in the web map or using a web map's bookmarks. If the app uses a visit layer for navigation, you can record a status for each visit location as it's processed ('Complete' or 'Incomplete,'' for example).


To see the options available for this template, search your ArcGIS Enterprise portal using the app template name and open the app template item's detail page.


To create an app using this template, you must have a web map that contains at least one imagery layer. Additional requirements include the following:

  • To allow app users to navigate by visiting features, the web map must contain an editable feature layer (hosted or ArcGIS Server).
  • To allow users to add or edit features, the web map must contain a second editable hosted feature layer.
  • To create annotation, the web map must contain an editable hosted feature layer.

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