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Configure sync settings

The sync method for your collaboration workspace determines when content will be sent to participating portals. This includes new items shared with the groups participating in the distributed collaboration as well as updates to existing items. The two methods for how content can be shared are as follows:

  • Sync immediately
  • Scheduled sync

By default, when ArcGIS Enterprise joins a group to a collaboration workspace, the sync configuration will be 'sync immediately.' When ArcGIS Online (as the host) joins a group to a collaboration workspace, the sync configuration will be 'at scheduled intervals.' Collaboration guests where the host has set their access to 'receive only' will not see these options. Your collaboration access mode (Send, Receive, or Send and Receive) can only be set by the collaboration host portal.

For items shared 'at scheduled intervals,' guests control the sync schedule; the host does not control the sync schedule.


During synchronization, only new content, as well as the deltas for existing content, will be synchronized with other participants' groups.

Sync immediately

As an ArcGIS Enterprise participant, if your access to a collaboration workspace is Send or Send and Receive, you can choose to sync immediately. If you do, any new content shared with collaboration groups will be sent to collaboration participants immediately. Any updates made to items already shared with collaboration groups will also be sent immediately after they are saved.

Scheduled sync

If you use scheduled sync, at the designated interval, collaboration groups will be compared for differences. New or updated content from groups where the participant access mode is Send or Send and Receive will be sent to those whose access mode is Receive or Send and Receive. Sync schedules are set at the workspace level by each guest, so you can choose a different schedule (between every 1-24 hours) for different workspaces in the same collaboration. By default, the interval for scheduled sync is set to check for and send changes every 24 hours. The minimum sync interval you can set is 1 hour.

Note that updates to items shared as copies (feature layers, hosted feature layers, and hosted feature layer views) will always be shared on a schedule. For more information on this workflow, see schedule the synchronization of feature layers.

If a scheduled sync event is in progress when the next scheduled sync event is scheduled to occur, the next scheduled event will be skipped to allow the existing job to complete.

To edit the sync schedule, edit your collaboration workspace using the steps described below.

Edit the collaboration workspace sync settings

Guests choose the sync schedule once a group has been associated to the collaboration workspaces they have access to. Configure the sync settings by editing the workspace using the following steps:

  1. Log in to your portal as an administrator.
  2. Browse to Organization > Settings > Collaborations.
  3. Click the name of the collaboration whose workspaces you want to view.
  4. Locate the name of the workspace you want to edit in the table, click the Action button drop-down arrow, and choose Edit Workspace.
  5. Optionally create a new group or choose a different existing group to link to the workspace. Optionally edit the sync settings for the workspace. Choose the radio button for Sync immediately or Sync at scheduled intervals.
  6. If you choose Sync at scheduled intervals, define the start time for the scheduled sync, as well as when to repeat the sync. These properties can be edited at a later time by editing the workspace again.
  7. Click Save.