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Switch basemap

A basemap provides a background of geographic context for the content in your scene. ArcGIS Online includes a basemap gallery with a variety of choices, including topography, imagery, and streets. You can configure the contents of the basemap gallery if you have administrator privileges in your organization. To best use these basemaps in Scene Viewer, follow the Scene Viewer basemap requirements.

  1. Click the Basemap tool Basemap to open the gallery.
  2. Click the thumbnail of the basemap that best emphasizes your scene.
  3. Click No basemap to see only the ground color that was configured by the author of the scene.

Ground transparency

You can adjust the Ground Transparency slider to increase or decrease the ground transparency in your scene. Making the ground more transparent in your scene allows you to see the subsurface data under the basemap, such as earthquakes or geological rock types. In addition, the ground transparency settings are saved in slides similar to basemaps.


The transparency slider doesn't allow you to see through tile layers. Turn off those layers or increase the tile layer transparency to see the underground layers.

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