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Set map options for apps

ArcGIS provides several apps that you can use to view maps in web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop map viewers. Most map clients allow you to browse location-specific places, view information about the attributes on the map, see legends and scales, go to bookmarked places, and print. Some clients offer additional tools and capabilities that allow you to route, measure, and select a basemap. As the map author, you can set these properties on the item page of your map.

  1. Create and save a map in Map Viewer.

    If you're using ArcGIS Collector or ArcGIS Field Maps Mobile, the map must include at least one editable feature layer.

  2. On the My Content tab of the content page, click the name of your map to view its item page.
  3. Click the Settings tab and scroll down to the Application Settings section under Web Map Settings.
  4. Select the settings to enable.
    • Find Locations—Allows users to find features in a layer or addresses in the map.

      This is supported by ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, Story Map Journal, Story Map Series, and Story Map Shortlist.


      Feature search within a layer is also supported by Map Viewer.

      Select the location search options you want to enable in apps that use the map, including the hint that appears in the search box.

      To allow app users to find features in a layer, select By Layer, click Add Layer, and choose the feature layer that contains the features you want to be searchable. Choose the attribute field and choose whether the result should contain or be equal to the search terms. The feature layer must have Query capabilities enabled, and the field must be a string or integer without a coded domain. You can optionally add multiple layers.

      The ability to search for addresses in the map is supported by default in Map Viewer and most apps, regardless of whether By Address is selected. For some ArcGIS apps, finding locations by address can be disabled by unchecking the By Address check box. To determine whether disabling finding locations by address is supported in a specific ArcGIS app, refer to the app documentation.

    • Use in ArcGIS Collector—Allows field workers to view a map with editable layers in ArcGIS Collector. Uncheck this check box to hide the map in Collector.
    • Use in ArcGIS Field Maps Mobile—Allows field workers to view a map with editable layers in ArcGIS Field Maps Mobile. Uncheck this check box to hide the map in ArcGIS Field Maps Mobile.
  5. Click Save to update your map with the enabled settings.