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Configure analysis layers


Analysis layers can be configured in Map Viewer Classic. The analysis layers group is not visible when browsing for data in Map Viewer.

As the portal administrator, you can guide portal members to a specific group of layers you have decided are appropriate for use in standard feature, raster, and GeoAnalytics Tools in Map Viewer Classic.

Decide which group to use for analysis layers

You will see the following options when you configure an ArcGIS Enterprise portal's analysis layers:

  • No selection—When you create the portal, there is no analysis layers group configured.

    Portal members can perform analysis on any layer they have access to in the portal. This includes layers they own, layers shared to them through a group or the organization, public layers, and default ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World layers from ArcGIS Online.

    If you publish Esri boundary layers to the portal, portal members can run feature analysis tools on those as well.

  • Default—If you configure the portal to access ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World subscriber content from ArcGIS Online and you had not already configured the portal to use a custom group of analysis layers, the portal automatically uses the default analysis layers.

    ArcGIS Living Atlas subscriber layers are optimized for analysis but, because subscriber layers are accessed over the Internet and analysis runs remotely from your portal, performance times may be slower than when you run analysis on local layers.

  • A group shared with the organization—If your organization has a set of layers that are relevant for analysis workflows, you can place them in a group that is shared with the organization and configure the portal to make the contents of this group available in analysis tools in Map Viewer Classic.

    You can populate the Featured maps and apps or GeoAnalytics groups with layers that can be used in analysis or create a custom group and share the layers your portal members will use most frequently in analysis workflows with this group.

    You can share content from different sources to one of these groups. For example, you could include feature layers hosted on the portal, feature layers from a federated server, and feature layers from ArcGIS Living Atlas. If you place multilayer feature layers in the Analysis Layers group, users can choose individual sublayers to analyze when they run tools in Map Viewer Classic.

    See the next section for instructions on how to make the contents of a group available through analysis tools in your portal.


If you configure a group for analysis and you enable ArcGIS Living Atlas subscriber content, both sets of content are available to portal members from analysis tools in Map Viewer Classic.

Specify a group of layers for analysis

If you want to configure a group of layers for portal members to use in analysis tools in Map Viewer Classic, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the portal as a default administrator or custom role with administrative privileges to manage the organization website.
  2. Use the existing Featured maps and apps or GeoAnalytics groups, or create a group with the following settings:

    • Set the group's Status to Organization. This allows portal members access to the group.
    • If you want the group to only contain the content you designate, set the group's Contributors property to Only group owner. This allows you to control what content is shared to the group.

  3. Share the layers you want used for analysis with the group and your portal organization.

    You can include individual ArcGIS Living Atlas layers in your own group by sharing them with your group. However, do not remove any of these ArcGIS Living Atlas layers from the ArcGIS Living Atlas or ArcGIS Living Atlas Analysis Layers groups, or remove sharing on these items from your portal organization.

  4. Open Organization > Settings > Map.
  5. Scroll to the Analysis Layers section and choose the group you created to use for analysis tools in Map Viewer Classic.
  6. To change how the layers are sorted, select a field in the Sorted by drop-down list. To change how the layers are ordered, check or uncheck the Ascending check box. If you change the sort field or order here, the items on the group page, as well as in the gallery, are also changed.
  7. Click Save to apply your changes.

If you later decide that you do not want people to use this group of layers in analysis tools, you can change the Analysis Layers group to Default to access ArcGIS Living Atlas subscriber content (if enabled) or No selection.