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Set the refresh interval in a scene

In the layer properties pane, you can refresh intervals of a layer to keep the scene in sync with the latest data while the scene is open.

To set a refresh interval for a layer, complete the following steps:

  1. In the layer properties pane, under Refresh interval, turn on the Automatically refresh layer toggle button.
  2. Specify the refresh interval for the layer in minutes.

    The valid range is 0.5 minutes to 24 hours.

  3. Turn off the Automatically refresh layer toggle button to stop the refresh interval.
  4. Click Done to return to the Layer Manager pane.

    Updates that have been made to the data in this layer show at the refresh interval you specified.

Considerations for refreshing a layer

Consider the following when refreshing a layer:

  • You can enable a refresh interval on the following types of layers: ArcGIS web service layers, CSV layers with latitude and longitude fields, feature layers, GeoJSON layers, OGC feature layers, OGC WFS, OGC WMS, and tile layers.
  • When a layer is redrawn, the layer data is automatically refreshed and the refresh interval starts over. The layer data refreshes again after the specified reset interval has passed or the layer is redrawn, whichever comes first. The layer is redrawn when you pan, zoom, or reload the layer.
  • You cannot enable a refresh interval on a .csv file from the web with address fields (instead of latitude and longitude).
  • Layers only refresh when they are within the visible scale range defined for that layer.