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What's new in ArcGIS Roads and Highways

The 11.2 release of ArcGIS Roads and Highways includes enhancements to the software and the documentation.


For a complete list of enhancements and issues addressed, visit the product download page.

Attribute sets

Attribute sets are now configured and attached to the feature service when published with the Linear Referencing capability. This allows an attribute set to be configured once within ArcGIS Pro and used for editing events in both the ArcGIS Event Editor web app and ArcGIS Pro. You no longer have to maintain RHAS files and share them within the organization as the attribute set will come with the feature service used to edit events.


The following enhancements have been made:

  • A Geometry To Referent operation has been added to convert a coordinate location, route, or measure along a route into a referent and offset.
  • A Referent To Geometry operation has been added to convert one or more point referent locations into geographic locations along a set of routes.
  • A new loadField parameter has been added to the Append Routes operation to specify whether route ID or route name will be used as target network records are loaded into the network feature class.

Authorization and deployment

The stand-alone Location Referencing installer is no longer required in 10.9 or later releases. However, the software must be authorized using a Location Referencing license key on each machine.

Learn more about enabling Roads and Highways in ArcGIS Server 11.2

You can download the ArcGIS Event Editor from My Esri.