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Creating a GIS server cluster in Manager

A cluster is a grouping of GIS server machines participating in an ArcGIS Server site. You can use ArcGIS Server Manager to organize your GIS server machines into clusters.

To create a new cluster in Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Open Manager and log in. If you need help with this step, see Logging in to Manager.
  2. Click Site > GIS Server > Clusters.
  3. In the Clusters module, click New Cluster.
  4. In the New Cluster window, enter a name for the cluster.
  5. In the Machines list, select the GIS server machines you want to add to the cluster.

    If a GIS server you want to add does not appear in the list, make sure it has been added to your site and is not currently participating in another cluster. For more information, see About adding a GIS server to a site.

  6. Click Create.

Your cluster is created and appears in the Clusters module.