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Creating a search service

You can have multiple search services participating in ArcGIS server site. To create a search service and register your GIS data folders with the service, follow these steps.

Creating a search service using the Administrator Directory

  1. In a web browser, open the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory. The URL is formatted
  2. In the Administrator Directory, click services.
  3. In the folders list, select the folder that will contain the search service. If you don't see an appropriate folder, you can create one by choosing createFolder.
  4. Click createService.
  5. In the Operation - createService page, paste the following JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) into the Service Properties text box.
  6. {
     "serviceName": "Search",
     "type": "SearchServer",
     "description": "The Search service makes available a searchable index of your organization's GIS content such that client applications like ArcGIS for Desktop can access and use the GIS content in their applications.",
     "capabilities": "Search",
     "clusterName": "default",
     "minInstancesPerNode": 1,
     "maxInstancesPerNode": 2,
     "instancesPerContainer": 1,
     "maxWaitTime": 60,
     "maxStartupTime": 300,
     "maxIdleTime": 1800,
     "maxUsageTime": 600,
     "loadBalancing": "ROUND_ROBIN",
     "isolationLevel": "HIGH",
     "configuredState": "STARTED",
     "recycleInterval": 24,
     "recycleStartTime": "00:00",
     "keepAliveInterval": -1,
     "private": false,
     "isDefault": false,
     "maxUploadFileSize": -1,
     "allowedUploadFileTypes": "",
     "properties": {
      "virtualOutputDir": "/rest/directories/arcgisoutput",
      "outputDir": "C:\\arcgisserver\\directories\\arcgisoutput",
      "indexLocation": "C:\\arcgisserver\\directories\\arcgissystem\\arcgisindex",
      "incrementalinterval": "60",
      "jobsDirectory": "C:\\arcgisserver\\directories\\arcgisjobs",
      "jobsVirtualDirectory": "/rest/directories/arcgisjobs",
      "fullinterval": "1"
     "extensions": [],
     "datasets": []
  7. Modify the properties of the search service as appropriate. For example, you might need to modify the following:

    • A unique name for the search service (serviceName).
    • The location of the search index (indexLocation).
    • The frequency (in minutes) at which new items should be indexed (incrementalinterval).
    • The frequency (in days) at which the index should be rebuilt from scratch (fullinterval).

  8. Optionally, if you want the search service to participate in a specific cluster within your site, substitute default with name of the cluster.
  9. Click Create.

Your search service is created and appears in the Administrator Directory and ArcGIS Server Manager. Review the service properties to ensure your service has been configured properly for deployment. If you want to make changes, click edit at the bottom of the Service - <search service name> (SearchServer) page.