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Importing services from a federated server

When you federate ArcGIS Server with your portal, existing services are automatically imported as items in the portal website. If the automatic import of services fails as part of the federation process, the following severe-level message appears in the ArcGIS Server logs:

Failed to import GIS services as items within portal.

If this occurs, manually import your services as items in the portal using the instructions below.

  1. If you haven't done so already, federate your server with the portal. For full instructions, see Federating an ArcGIS Server site with your portal.
  2. On the machine hosting ArcGIS Server, browse to the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory. The URL is typically available at
  3. Log in using a portal token generated for a portal administrator. For full instructions, see Accessing the Administrator Directory on a federated server.
  4. Click services > federate.

    This operation does not federate your site with the portal. It adds your existing services as items in the portal website.

  5. Click Federate. All of your services are added as items in the portal website.
  6. If there are any service items that you don't want permanently added to your portal, remove those items. You can do this using the portal website or using the ArcGIS REST API.
  7. Configure how each remaining service item is shared with members and groups in your organization. If you don't do this, the service items are only visible to you. For instructions, click the Help link at the top of the portal website, expand the Sharing content book, and click Sharing items.

Services in the server's System folder, such as PublishingTools, are not added as portal items. However, your portal will still use them for publishing, caching, and other operations.