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Removing services imported from a federated server

When you federate ArcGIS Server with your portal, existing services automatically import as items in the portal website. If you do not want these service items to appear in your portal, remove them as described below.

If you're unfederating an ArcGIS Server site from your portal, service items are removed automatically. You're not required to complete the following steps as part of this process. See Removing an ArcGIS Server site from your portal for more information.

If you've published hosted services to your portal, they are not removed as part of this operation. Your existing hosted services remain online and as portal items until you explicitly delete them from the server. You can delete them through the My Hosted Services node in the Catalog window of ArcMap, or you can delete them using ArcGIS Server Manager.

  1. On the federated server machine, browse to the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory. The URL is in the format
  2. Log in using a portal token generated for a portal administrator. For full instructions, see Accessing the Administrator Directory on a federated server.

    Do not log in as the primary site administrator, as you will not be able to remove hosted service items with this account.

  3. Click services > unfederate.
  4. Click Unfederate. All of your federated service items are removed from the portal website.

    This does not unfederate your entire site from the portal. It just removes service items from your portal associated with the federated server.