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Specifying server log settings in ArcGIS for Desktop

You can use ArcCatalog or the Catalog window in ArcGIS for Desktop to specify log settings for ArcGIS Server. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. In the Catalog tree, expand the GIS Servers node.
  2. Double-click Add ArcGIS Server and establish an Administer GIS server connection type to the server. If you already have an administrative connection set up, you can skip this step. For instructions on how to connect, see About connecting to ArcGIS Server in ArcGIS for Desktop.
  3. Right-click your connection to ArcGIS Server and choose Server Properties.
  4. In the ArcGIS Server Properties window, click the Logs tab.
  5. Set the Log level. To learn what's included in the different levels, see Viewing, querying, and configuring server logs.
  6. Specify how long the server will keep logs on disk. When a log exceeds the specified time frame, it is deleted.
  7. Type a Log path or click the browse button to set the log directory.

    The log path must be set to a local directory and exist on each GIS server participating in your ArcGIS Server site. You cannot designate a network directory as the log location.

  8. Click OK to apply your settings to the server.