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00014: Annotation layer does not draw in table of contents order

Your annotation layer is drawn in a sequence that differs from the drawing order of the layers in your table of contents. This different drawing sequence is not supported in basemap layers and map services.


Change annotation display properties to draw annotation in the same order as your other layers. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the layer's properties page and click the Display tab.
    Setting the drawing order for an annotation layer
  2. Check the table of contents display order of your annotation layer to ensure that it draws in the correct order for your needs.

More information

This option is typically seen in documents created in ArcGIS 8.3 or earlier when annotation layers were always drawn on top of all other layers no matter what their table of contents order was. At ArcGIS 9 and beyond, newly created annotation layers are drawn in table of contents order unless this option is explicitly chosen.

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