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00020: Annotation layer uses a symbol that is not supported

Your annotation layer contains symbols that are not supported for basemap layers or map services. The unsupported symbol type is indicated in the message. You'll need to change the symbols used by your layer.


Choose a symbol that is supported for basemap layers or map services. Annotation layers may contain symbols for symbolizing text path geometry, or an unsupported symbol may exist in the substituted symbol collection of the layer.

More information

Some symbol types are not supported by basemap layers or map services because of their complexity and increased computation time. The following symbols are not supported for basemap layers or map services:

  • Simple marker 3D symbol
  • Marker 3D symbol
  • Character marker 3D symbol
  • Simple line 3D symbol
  • Texture fill symbol

Basemap layers do not support chart symbology.

You should be aware that not all symbology options for showing quantity are supported for fast map display. See Supported symbology options for more information.

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