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00024: Route hatch symbology is not supported

You have a feature class that uses hatching for display of linear referencing information along linear features with measures. Hatch display is not supported for basemap layers or map services.


  • Turn off feature hatching for your linear referencing layers. You can do this by changing the display options for your layers. Follow these steps:
    1. On the layer properties page, click the Hatches tab.
    2. Uncheck the Hatch features in this layer option.
  • An alternative is to remove the map layer.

Learn more about displaying hatches

More information

Hatching is a type of labeling that is designed to post and label hatch marks or symbols at a regular interval along measured linear features. Here is an example of hatching along a highway that shows two measurement systems:

Transportation example

Because hatching can be very involved, computing hatches and labels on the fly can cause map performance to degrade.

See An overview of displaying and querying route feature classes for more information on drawing options for linear referencing features.