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00028: Annotation layer's feature class contains a symbol in the symbol collection that is not supported

Your layer's data source is an annotation feature class that contains a text symbol in the symbol collection with an unsupported symbol type within it. You will need to replace this symbol in the symbol collection to use the layer in a basemap layer, a map service, or a globe service.


  1. View the annotation feature class' symbol collection in ArcCatalog.
  2. Note the symbol ID of the symbol.
  3. Remove the symbol from the collection.
  4. Add a new supported text symbol to the collection.
  5. Note the symbol ID of the new symbol.
  6. In ArcMap, use the field calculator to point all features that referenced the old ID to the new ID.

More information

Some symbol types are not supported by basemap layers and map services because of their complexity and increased computation time. The following symbols are not supported for basemap layers, map, and globe services:

  • Simple marker 3D symbol
  • Marker 3D symbol
  • Character marker 3D symbol
  • Simple line 3D symbol
  • Texture fill symbol

Chart symbols are not supported in basemap layers.

For more information on editing geodatabase annotation, see An overview of editing annotation. For more information on an annotation feature class' symbol collection, see Annotation in the geodatabase.

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