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00033: Standalone table's data source is not supported

Some types of data sources are not supported for map services. You have referenced one of these data sources in your document.


  • Replace the unsupported data source with a supported geodatabase table. The following table lists unsupported data sources and suggested alternatives:

    Unsupported data sourcesSuggested alternatives

    ArcInfo coverage

    Convert the data to feature classes in a geodatabase.


    Import CAD content into a geodatabase feature class.

    Excel file

    Generate features for each Excel spreadsheet and load the resulting feature classes into a geodatabase feature class.

    ArcIMS or ArcGIS feature service

    Load the original data source into a geodatabase feature class.

    In-memory feature class

    Save in-memory data as a feature class in a geodatabase.

    PC ARC/INFO coverage

    Convert your PC ARC/INFO coverages into geodatabase feature classes.

    SQLite database table

    Convert the data to tables in a geodatabase.

    Unsupported data sources for map services
  • Alternatively, if you do not need the stand-alone table that has an unsupported data source in your map service, you can delete the table from your document.

More information

Generally speaking, the best performance will be achieved by using datasets that are native to ArcGIS, that is, geodatabases and key raster and image datasets. In many cases, your unsupported dataset can be loaded into a geodatabase feature class that can then be used in a basemap layer or in a published service.

For best performance with geodatabases, use either enterprise geodatabases or file geodatabases. In some cases, with many simultaneous users, enterprise geodatabases are faster. Since enterprise geodatabases are DBMS based, they will scale better than file geodatabases in situations where you have a large number of users (hundreds of users or more).

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