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00037: Basemap layers cannot be published directly to a map service

Your data frame contains a basemap layer. Basemap layers contain layers or map services meant to be used as a background or reference point for other layers in your map. Generally, these layers should be published as separate map services and mashed up with your operational layers in a web map.


  • If you know that you don't want to publish your basemap layer as a separate service, you can choose to use the basemap layer as a group layer in your map service.

    Some layer types, such as map services, cannot be published as a layer in a map service.

  • Alternatively, you can remove the basemap layer from the map so that you can publish just your operational layers. You can then mash up your operational layer service with your basemap map service, publish them separately, or publish them with existing ArcGIS Online map service layers.

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