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00043: Unique value layer symbology contains values with the field delimiter

Your layer uses unique value symbology based on multiple fields and contains values with the field delimiter. When symbolizing unique values from multiple fields, a field delimiter is used to separate those values for internal storage. When an individual value contains the field delimiter, it is not possible to extract the correct values from the combined multiple field string for drawing in a basemap layer, a map service, or a globe service since these drawing types handle these values differently.


You will need to change the field delimiter of the unique value symbology and re-add your unique values. Do this by

  1. Choosing the Field Delimiter option from the Advanced drop-down list on the Layer Properties dialog box under the Symbology tab.
  2. Change the Field Delimiter to a different value.
  3. Re-add the symbology values with the Add All Values or Add Values command.

More information

Unique values based on multiple fields are separated by a delimiter. Basemap layers, map services, and globe services store these values differently and cannot extract the correct values when encountering this situation. This error is an indication that this situation was found in your document, and it should be corrected.