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00055: Globe server layers cannot be republished

Available with 3D Analyst license.

Your ArcGlobe document contains a globe service layer.

Embedding a globe service within another globe service is generally detrimental to performance and can also cause problems with out-of-date caches. Generally you would connect to these service layers afterwards in the end client application.

Examples of globe service layers that may be in your ArcGlobe document intended for sharing include:

  • Bing Maps layers
  • The default layers from ArcGIS Online that ArcGlobe automatically starts with (Imagery, Boundaries & Places, Transportation, and Elevation layers)
  • Any ArcGlobe basemap layer from ArcGIS Online

Other service layers not supported for republishing within a globe service include:

  • ArcGIS Online service layers
  • Secure ArcMap service layers


  • Remove the layer from the ArcGlobe document.

More information

You can connect to a particular service directly in the application if you still want it to participate in the end-client application.

Additionally, if you'll be publishing many globe services, you might want to change your ArcGlobe preferences so that the default globe does not start with ArcGIS Online layers. Open the ArcGlobe Options dialog from the Customize menu to adjust the default layers settings.