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00056: Data frame contains multiple layers with the same name

Your data frame contains layers that share the same name and you are attempting to publish one of the following:

  • WFS capable map service
  • WCS capable map service
  • WMS capable map service with the option to use names to identify layers within the WMS capabilities instead of integers


  • Change layer names so that each is unique within your data frame.
  • Or, if you are publishing a WMS capable map service, you can use zero-based integers to identify layers. Follow these steps:
    1. From the Service Description Editor, select WMS from the left column.
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Properties window.
    3. Uncheck the Use layer names from the map document option.
    4. Click OK to apply your settings.

More information

WFS and WCS capable map services always use the layer name. WFS and WCS capable map services cannot be published if layers within a single data frame share the same name. You will need to change layer names to ensure that they are unique.

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This also applies to a WMS capable map service that uses layer names to identify layers. You have the option to represent layers in the WMS capabilities as zero-based integers or by using the layer name strings used in the map document’s table of contents. The default is to use zero-based integers. If you chose to use layer names, you cannot have two or more layers in the map document sharing the same name. This restriction does not apply to the names of group layers.

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