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00111: Layer is using an invalid direct connection

You are attempting to publish to a service with Feature Access enabled (feature service) and your layer either:

  • References data via an application server rather than a direct connection.
  • References data via a direct connection, but is not using the correct DB2 or Oracle connection syntax required. It requires a server name and database name in the connection syntax.


Create a new connection to the database that uses the correct connection type and syntax, then update the data source for your layer to use this connection.

  1. Create a new connection.
    • If connecting to DB2, use the following direct connect syntax in the Data Source field of the Database Connection dialog box.

      HostName=<server name>;Port=<port number>;Database=<database name>

      Example: HostName=spicehut;Port=60000;Database=sde;

      Data source example for DB2 direct connect database connection
    • If connecting to Oracle, use the following direct connect syntax in the Instance field of the Database Connection dialog box to use Oracle's Easy Connect naming method.

      <Oracle server name>/<Oracle service name>

      Example: sds/

      Data source example for Oracle direct connect database connection

      Refer to Oracle's documentation on how to configure Easy Connect. To determine the correct Oracle service name, run the following SQL statement as the sysdba user.

      select value from v$parameter where name = 'service_names';

  2. Right-click the .mxd file in ArcCatalog or the Catalog window, and select Set Data Source(s).
  3. Select a layer that references the database connection file you want to replace.
  4. Click the Replace All button. In the Replace with text box, enter the path to the sde connection file to replace in the current data source.
  5. Click Replace All to replace the found string with the new string in the data source connection path.
  6. Click OK to save the new .mxd file.

More information

Making a direct connection means you connect directly from the client to the geodatabase without any intermediate service. Data should be accessed via a direct connection to the database, and the server and database name be present in the connection information provided.

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