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00143: Tool <value> cannot use VB expressions for services

Tools that use VB expressions, such asCalculate Field, cannot use VB expressions in 64-bit ArcGIS products (ArcGIS for Server, Background Geoprocessing (64-bit), and ArcGIS Runtime).


You must modify your task to make use of a supported expression type, such as Python.

Geoprocessing services and packages built for ArcGIS Runtime can use the following instructions to update the task.

  • Remove the task from the Service Editor.
  • Edit the original tool.
  • Replace the VB expression with an equivalent Python expression.
  • Rerun the tool to create a new result.
  • Add the result back into the Service Editor and continue the sharing process.

Tools executed in 64-bit Background Processing need to be rerun using a Python expression.

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