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00145: Dynamic workspace is not registered with the server

The dynamic workspace referenced by this map service has not been registered with the server. Registering a dynamic workspace with the server helps ensure that the server has access to all the data from that workspace.


You may encounter this analyzer even though the source enterprise geodatabase or enterprise database has already been registered with the server. The reason for this is that the connection properties (user name, password, version, and so on) used by a layer or stand-alone table referencing the source enterprise geodatabase do not match the connection properties of the enterprise geodatabase registered with the server. In this case, you not only register an enterprise geodatabase, you also register the connection to the geodatabase. Registration is required for each separate connection.

For example, say you have an enterprise geodatabase named DB1 that has two versions: default and v1. You only register the connection to DB1 using the default version. If you attempt to publish a map containing layers or stand-alone tables pointing to the v1 version, and you have not registered this connection to DB1, you will encounter this analyzer. This would also occur if you have different connections to the geodatabase using different user names.

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More information

When you publish a map service to ArcGIS for Server, you can optionally choose to allow clients of ArcGIS for Server, such as the ArcGIS Web APIs, to add a layer from one of the registered workspaces in your map service programmatically per request. Map service dynamic layers offer you a way to enhance client applications by providing your users with a rich experience on the web.

For a full list of the functionality exposed by dynamic layers in a map service, see the topic Supported functionality in map services.

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