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00161: Versioned feature layer does not have a versioned view

The layer you are attempting to publish is registered as versioned, but the data is not accessed through a versioned view.


Right-click the feature class in ArcCatalog and click Manage > Enable SQL Access.

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This problem occurs if the map you are publishing contains a versioned feature class that does not have a versioned view defined on it. This would most likely occur if your feature class was registered as versioned using an ArcGIS 10 or earlier release client.

Data in versioned tables cannot be directly accessed by Standard Query Language (SQL) because it does not access the delta tables. If you publish a versioned class, it will query the base table and never see the correct edits, which reside in the delta tables.

Versioned views incorporate database views, stored procedures, triggers, and functions to allow you to read or edit versioned data in a geodatabase table or feature class using SQL. When you query a versioned view, you can see the data in the base (business) table and the edits that are stored in the delta tables.

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