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00183: File geodatabase is not supported for schematic service Editing operations

Your map contains schematic layers for which the data source is a File geodatabase. This type of data source is not supported when publishing a schematic service with the Editing operation enabled.


  • If you want the schematic service to be used for only querying, viewing diagrams, or applying schematic layout algorithms without saving the layout results, the Editing operation is not required:
    1. Click the Schematics item under Capabilities in the Service Editor window.
    2. Uncheck Editing as an allowed operation.
  • If you want the Schematics service to be used for saving schematic diagram layouts, generating new diagrams, or updating diagrams, the schematic layers referenced in your map cannot come from a File geodatabase—you must use an enterprise geodatabase and register this geodatabase with the ArcGIS server.
  • Alternatively, if you do not need this schematic layer, you can remove it from the document.

More information

When publishing a schematics service from a map document that references schematic layers stored in a File geodatabase, the Query operation is the only operation allowed.

The Editing operation requires the schematic layers referenced in your map to come from an enterprise geodatabase.

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