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00186: Versioned and nonversioned layer cannot be used together with the Sync capability

A map containing a mix of versioned and nonversioned layers cannot be published as a feature service with the Sync capability.


  • Remove the versioned layers from your document.
  • Remove the nonversioned layers from your document.
  • If the users of this service will not be using sync, disable the sync capability by navigating to the Feature Access tab of the Service Editor dialog box and unchecking the capability.
  • If the users of this service will be using Sync, and you need all layers in your service, you will need to configure your data for Sync in the same way. All layers must be either versioned and contain a Global ID field or all nonversioned, archive enabled, and contain a Global ID field. If any of the layers participate in a relationship class or have attachments, the tables must be related using a Global ID field as the primary key. You can use the Migrate Relationship Class geoprocessing tool to convert ObjectID-based relationship classes and attachments to use Global ID fields as the primary key.

More information

Feature services include a sync capability that allows clients to make edits locally and synchronize the edits with the feature service. Edits to the local copy can be made when offline, whereas network connectivity is required to synchronize. In order for the sync capability to be enabled, the data in the service must be able to support sync. The following provides information about configuring your data for sync.

Learn more about preparing your data to support the Sync capability