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00191: Invalid feature service capabilities configuration for sync

The sync capability is only supported with the following feature service capabilities:

  • QUERY and SYNC


  • Turn off the feature service SYNC capability.
  • If the data is versioned, enable only the SYNC and QUERY capabilities.
  • If the data is nonversioned, enable all the capabilities (CREATE, DELETE, QUERY, SYNC, and UPDATE).

More information

Feature service capabilities define the operations that are allowed when working with a feature service. There are two configurations supported for feature services that participate in offline map use:

  • Read-only data— If clients will only query the data they download from the feature service to use while offline, set the QUERY and SYNC capabilities on the feature service. With this configuration, data cannot be synchronized back to the service. This is the only configuration that supports versioned data.
  • Editable data—If clients will edit the data when offline and subsequently synchronize changes with the feature service when they have connectivity, set the CREATE, DELETE, QUERY, SYNC, and UPDATE capabilities on the feature service. Note that you must grant all of the editing capabilities.

If you change the feature service capabilities to an unsupported configuration after the service is published, an error will be returned when clients attempt to download or synchronize data. For example, if you change an existing feature service's capabilities to QUERY, SYNC, and UPDATE, and the feature service contains versioned data, clients will not be able to download the data from the server.

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