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00223: Query layer has virtual column

You attempted to publish a feature service to ArcGIS for Server, but your layer contains one or more virtual columns.

Virtual columns (also known as computed or generated columns) contain values that are calculated when the query is executed and are not physically stored in a table in the database. For example, the column total_cost is a virtual column that adds the values from the fee and tax columns in the following expressions:

SELECT shape, (fee + tax)
 FROM myuser.maintenance


To publish a feature service to ArcGIS for Server, do one of the following:

  • Change the query definition of your layer so it no longer contains a virtual column or columns.
  • If the layer is not needed, remove it from your map.

More information

You create query layers in ArcMap by defining an SQL query. Also, ArcMap automatically creates a query layer containing a simple SQL query whenever you add a table from a database to the map. The query runs against tables in your database and the result set is added to ArcMap as a layer.

You primarily publish feature services from your map so you can deploy the feature service in client applications for others to edit the data. Feature services can only edit the data if the SQL queries used for the layers in the map are simple and contain no joins, where clauses, duplicate columns, or virtual (computed) columns.

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