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10011: Layer's data source uses wavelet compression

You have a raster layer that uses wavelet image compression (for example, MrSID, JPEG 2000, ECW), which can impede map drawing performance.


Check the drawing performance for your layer or basemap layer in ArcMap. If you are publishing, check the drawing performance for your service in the Preview window.

Learn more about working with basemap layers or previewing your service

  • If you see the need to make changes, convert your wavelet-compressed raster dataset to a more efficient display format. See the Copy_Raster geoprocessing tool for more information.

More information

Raster layers that do not use wavelet compression result in improved drawing performance because the data does not have to be uncompressed at display time.

Wavelet compression, used by raster formats such as MrSID, JPEG 2000, and ER Mapper's ECW, takes time to decompress before drawing. These formats are good at storage efficiency but result in slower drawing because of the amount of computation required to unpack the wavelet-compressed data prior to display. Other compression options often require more storage but can uncompress and draw faster in ArcGIS.

Esri recommends that you use a compression other than wavelet to get better drawing performance. For example, formats such as TIFF and JPEG provide much better drawing performance, but they typically require more storage space than wavelet-based compression.

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