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10018: Layer uses symbol level drawing with a character marker symbol

You have a layer that uses character markers with symbol level drawing, which can potentially impact drawing performance.


Check the drawing performance for your layer or basemap layer in ArcMap. If you are publishing, check the drawing performance for your service in the Preview window.

Learn more about working with basemap layers or previewing your service

  • If you need to make changes, change the symbology properties of your map layer to use symbols that are not character symbols.

More information

Marker symbols are used for depicting points on maps (such as locations of airports); for portraying line patterns using point symbols along each line; and, occasionally, as pattern fills for polygons. Some types of marker symbols will draw more efficiently than others, and it is important to use more efficient symbol display in your high-performance dynamic maps. For example, rendering character symbols can be slower than other marker symbol options.

Basemap layers and map services use a new graphics pipeline that can employ a high-performance processing method to draw symbol levels. However, certain symbols, such as picture lines, picture markers, and character markers, are incompatible with this high-performance method. You can choose to mark this warning as an exception to avoid receiving the warning next time you analyze the map. This layer will then use a slower method to perform symbol level drawing for this layer.

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