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10031: Raster catalog layer uses color correction

Your raster catalog map layer is using color correction, which can impact display performance of basemap layers, map services, or globe services.


Check the drawing performance for your layer or basemap layer in ArcMap. If you are publishing, check the drawing performance for your service in the Preview window.

Learn more about working with basemap layers or previewing your service

  • If you want to improve performance, turn off color correction for this map layer. You can do this using the following steps:
    1. Open the Layer Properties dialog box of your raster catalog.
    2. Click the Color Correction tab.
    3. Uncheck Color Matching and Color Balancing to remove the options from your layer.

      See Color correcting raster data for more information.

  • Alternatively, you can create a new dataset to mosaic your individual rasters into a geodatabase raster dataset and add this new dataset as a layer.

More information

Color correction is enabled when Color Matching or Color Balancing is set on the Color Correction tab for the layer properties of a raster catalog layer. See Color correcting raster data for more information.

Also note that if your application warrants the use of your raster catalog with color correction turned on, you can choose to mark this warning as an exception to avoid receiving the warning next time you analyze the document. Beware that the resulting map or globe will draw more slowly.