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10046: Texture downscaling has not been set for the multipatch layer

Available with 3D Analyst license.

Texture downscaling reduces the amount of memory required to render the images for the multipatch layer. As a result, the cache size will be reduced with minimal loss in visual quality and thereby enhancing the interactive performance of the 3D view.


  • Adjust the layer properties for Material Texture resolution.
    • Drag the slider to the left for a lower level of detail.

More information

The best performance will be achieved by using the downscaling factor set to Low. This will reduce the resolution of the textures, improving performance although decreasing the visual quality. Displaying the textures at full resolution provides the best visual quality of the textures but it not recommended when sharing many textured multipatches, or multipatches with complex (high-res) images.

See Downscaling textures for a multipatch layerfor more information.

You can also choose to completely disable the textures for your multipatches. The geometry continues to be displayed, and the use of simple colors can be used as symbology for the layer.