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20005: Annotation feature class contains a symbol in the symbol collection with the Rotate With Transform option disabled

Your annotation map layer contains a symbol that uses an advanced ArcMap setting that turns off the rotation of text symbols with the data frame. Your annotation display in a basemap layer or a map service will potentially differ from your standard ArcMap display.


  • Do nothing. Accept the new correct symbol drawing as is.
  • Alternatively, you can change your annotation by turning off the rotate with the data frame option and re-creating the symbols. Here are the steps:
    1. Close ArcMap and go to the folder <install drive:>\Program Files\ArcGIS\Desktop<release number>\Utilities.
    2. Double-click the application named AdvancedArcMapSettings.
    3. On the Symbols/Graphics tab, make sure that you check the check box Produce annotation that is rotated when converting labels to annotation when the data frame is rotated. The default ArcMap setting is that the check box for this setting is checked.
    4. Create a new annotation feature class with a symbol collection that contains a matching set of symbols. These symbols will be created without the rotation option due to the change made in previous steps.
    5. Copy features from the existing feature class to the new one.

More information

This warning message is telling you that annotation displayed in the basemap layer or map service will differ slightly from your ArcMap data frame's display. This new map rendering in the basemap layer or map service is correct. However, it differs from the display in ArcMap.