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20025: Layer uses fonts which are not embeddable and are not on the server

In order for fonts to be used successfully within a GIS service the font must either reside on the server machine or, if the font is not present on the server, the font must be embeddable within the GIS resource. Your layer uses a font that is not present on the server machine and is not embeddable.


  • Use a font that is installed on the server or a font that can be embedded into a document. The embeddability of a font can be viewed as a property of the font in Microsoft Windows. Note that Type 1 fonts will also not be embedded for use on services. Type 1 fonts should either be installed on the server or swapped with TrueType of OpenType fonts.
  • Do nothing and allow font substitution to determine symbology. Font substitution is a method of displaying text in a different font when the requested font is not present on the system. For instance, if a map contains text that uses the font Helvetica, but Helvetica is not installed on the server, the text will appear in Arial instead.

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Fonts are used for label, annotation, and feature (point) symbology.

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