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20026: Layer is an ECW format raster

Your layer is an ECW format raster. By default, the ArcGIS for Server installation does not include support for ECW format rasters. Layers based on the ECW format will not draw without the proper support.


  • Convert the ECW-based raster into a file or enterprise geodatabase and replace the ECW-based layer with the geodatabase layer.

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  • You can also choose to copy data to the server. In this case, all data referenced by your layers, regardless or their original data source, is consolidated into a single file geodatabase on the server. This requires a connection to the server where the option to copy data is checked.

    Learn more about making a publisher connection to ArcGIS for Server using ArcGIS for Desktop and copying data to the server

  • Alternately, if you plan on getting the appropriate ECW license for your server, you can leave the ECW format raster layer in your map. The server will not draw the layer until the proper license is installed.

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Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (ECW) is an ERDAS ER Mapper proprietary format. It is a wavelet-based, lossy compression, similar to JPEG 2000.

ECW raster format is directly supported in ArcGIS for Desktop but not in ArcGIS for Server or the ArcGIS Server Image extension. To use ECW in server-based products requires additional licensing permissions from Intergraph. To contact Intergraph to request a license, send an email to Once a license has been granted from Intergraph, it is possible to enable ECW support in ArcGIS for Server and the ArcGIS Server Image extension.

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