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24029: Layer's data source does not contain a Global ID field

Your layer references a feature class that does not contain a Global ID. This layer will not be editable in the mobile service.


  • Add a Global ID field to the feature class you wish to be editable.
    1. Open the Catalog window from ArcMap or start ArcCatalog.
    2. In the Catalog tree, connect to the geodatabase that contains the feature class you want to modify.
    3. Right-click the feature class and click Manage > Add Global IDs.

    Learn more about ArcGIS field data types

  • Do nothing. If users of the mobile service will not be editing this layer, you can ignore this issue. The layer will still draw in the mobile service; however, it will not be editable.

More information

The ArcGIS for Windows Mobile editing framework, combined with the power of the geodatabase data and transaction model, caters to a wide variety of field editing solutions and workflows. It is important that you carefully consider what is and is not supported within the geodatabase information and transactional models when determining how best to support field editing applications withArcGIS for Windows Mobile.

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile supports editing of data within both file-based and multiuser relational geodatabases. Your mobile map can contain layers that reference other data sources, but if you want to capture new features or update existing features, the layer's data source must be a feature class stored within a geodatabase.

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile feature class requirements include:

  • Must be stored inside a personal or multiuser enterprise geodatabase
  • Must contain a GlobalID column

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