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24043: Related layers or tables are not present in the data frame

Your data frame contains layers that are part of a relationship class. The related layers or tables are not in the data frame and, therefore, cannot be queried through the feature service.


  • Add the related layers or tables to the data frame.
  • Do nothing. Users of this feature service will be unable to view related attributes when querying features from this layer.

More information

Feature services allow queries on related data. For example, a published map document can have layers and tables that are related through geodatabase relationship classes. In this case, the feature service allows queries on a layer to return objects from the related layer or table. Note that to support queries that return related objects, both the origin and the destination layer and/or table involved in the relationship class must be in the published map document. If the origin and destination layer and/or table are not included in the map document, the relationship will be ignored by the feature service.

Relates created in the map using the layer properties dialog box are not supported through feature services.

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