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24047: Annotation expression uses VBScript and you are publishing to ArcGIS Server (Linux)

Feature-linked annotation using expressions written with VBScript may cause issues when publishing to ArcGIS for Server (Linux). Though the display of the annotation should not be affected, there may be issues when editing the data on the server.


  • If you will be editing features linked to the annotation on the server, you should re-create the annotation using expressions written in either Python or JScript and use this in your service.
  • Do nothing, if you will not be editing features linked to the annotation on the server.

More information

Expressions can be used to customize the text string of feature-linked annotation. If your feature-linked annotation expression uses VBScript, you can update the parser to use either JScript or Python in the Label Expression dialog box. You access this dialog box from the Annotation Classes tab of the Feature Class Properties dialog box.

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