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30004: Layer uses a gradient fill

Your layer contains a gradient fill symbol. In a basemap layer or map service, the map display of your gradient fills may differ slightly from your standard ArcMap display.


  • Do nothing. You can accept the display difference as is.
  • Alternatively, you can change the use of gradient fills to another fill symbol. See Creating fill symbols for more information about fill symbol properties.

More information

This warning message is telling you that fill symbols in your map will differ slightly from a standard ArcMap display. The map rendering is correct but differs from the standard ArcMap display.

Fill symbols are typically used to fill polygons. Fill symbols can be of a number of types—for example, a solid color, line hatching, a gradient color, an icon, or a picture (bit map). This display difference only occurs when using picture fill symbols. See Creating fill symbols for more information on alternative fill options that you can use.