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Consuming a schematic service

Once you've published your schematics service to a GIS server, it will be available to clients both locally and on the web. Because of the many capabilities the schematics service exposes, it can be used in a variety of web applications.


You will get better performance and responsiveness if your diagrams are organized in schematic folders when they are exposed on the web in client applications.

Schematics service URLs

To connect to a schematics service, you need to know the URL. Schematics services published to ArcGIS Server have the following URL format:

Published schematic layers and allowed operations

The schematics operations enabled when publishing determine how the schematics service can be consumed and what kind of manipulations the client can operate on the schematic diagrams. But, the following conditions are also decisive:

  • The type of geodatabase in which the published diagrams are stored—that is, enterprise or file geodatabases
  • The way the published data is accessible to the server—that is, data copied to the server or not when publishing
  • The type of the published schematic layers—that is, schematic layers related to unitary schematic diagrams or to a schematic diagram template

The table below sums up the manipulations the client can operate depending on the different situations:

Schematics operations enabled / Manipulations on the published schematic diagramsOnly the Query operation enabledQuery and Editing operations enabled

Displaying diagrams



Layout without saving results



Layout and saving results


Only when condition #1 explained below is respected

Updating diagrams


Only when condition #1 explained below is respected

Removing diagrams


Only when condition #1 explained below is respected

Locking diagrams


Only when condition #1 explained below is respected

Unlocking diagrams


Only when condition #1 explained below is respected

Generating new diagrams


Only when conditions #1 and #2 explained below are respected

Condition#1: The published schematic diagrams are stored in an enterprise geodatabase and the schematics data has been not copied to the server when publishing—that is, the Schematics service references the source schematic dataset.

Condition#2: The published schematic diagrams are under a schematic diagram template.

Schematics services and web applications

In web applications, schematics services must be consumed programmatically. ArcGIS for Server offers a schematics REST API and a Silverlight platform for integrating schematic data with GIS into an enterprise application environment.

ArcGIS for Server Schematics REST API

The ArcGIS for Server schematics REST (Representational State Transfer) API provides an open web interface to schematics services hosted by ArcGIS Server. It allows working with the schematics data service in a client application. All resources and operations exposed by the REST API are accessible through a hierarchy of endpoints or Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for each published schematics service.

ArcGIS for Server schematics REST Reference Guide

ArcGIS for Server Schematics API for Silverlight

ArcGIS for Server offers the schematics Silverlight APIs for web application development.

The ArcGIS for Server schematics API for Silverlight allows users to rapidly and easily develop with the underlying schematic objects and data that power the schematics extension. These resources will enable you to add substantial value to your SL client applications by allowing you to easily search and browse schematic diagrams, display them, perform schematic algorithms on them, and so on.


The ArcGIS for Server schematics API for Silverlight is provided with some of the downloadable Silverlight sample web applications—for example, Schematics Configurable Web Application - ArcGIS API for Silverlight 2.4 or Schematics Diagrams Viewer - ArcGIS API for Silverlight 2.4.

ArcGIS for Server Schematics Code Gallery

The gallery section links to Silverlight sample web applications that exemplify the Schematics extension SL functions on ArcGIS for Server:

  • The Schematics Diagrams Viewer—ArcGIS API for Silverlight 2.4 sample web application is a viewer that allows you to connect to any Schematics service, browse the related schematic diagrams and quickly display the schematic diagram of your choice.
  • The Schematics Configurable Web Application—ArcGIS API for Silverlight 2.4 sample web applications mixes the functions exemplified in the Schematics Web Viewer sample application with editing functions that allow you to edit schematic features and apply schematic layout algorithms on schematic diagrams, and save edits performed on these diagrams. It also goes one step further by allowing you to generate new schematic diagrams and update existing schematic diagrams.

These two sample web applications are preconfigured to work with some public schematics services published on However, since these applications are generic applications, they allow you to connect to your own schematics services and play with your own schematic diagrams without writing any code.

Schematics on ArcGIS Online

In ArcGIS 10.1 for Server, the Schematics SOE only worked by referencing the source data of schematic layers. This meant that on a cloud platform, where ArcGIS Server might not be able to access the source data and no schematic data could be locally copied, there was no easy way to share schematic diagrams.

Starting with ArcGIS 10.2 for Server, schematics data can be copied to the server when publishing. This means that you can now build web maps on map viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online.